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Flip-Pay are the winners of The Digiday Technology Awards - Best Subscription Platform 12th November 2020

Digiday Awards 2020

Monetization and marketing are only as good as the technology platforms that fuel them. This year’s Digiday Technology Awards winners played foundational roles in enabling media companies and marketers to earn money from their content, reach their audiences and make the most of digital real estate.

Flip-Pay short-listed for Digiday Technology Awards - 6th October 2020

Digiday Awards 2020

This year’s Digiday Technology Awards recognized the tech companies driving the digital media industry forward. Pioneers in the space spearheaded everything from marketing and advertising to personalization and subscriptions.

This year’s short-listed nominees firmly demonstrated that technology companies and their media clients are two sides of the same coin — each responsible for enabling content, advertising and e-commerce to flourish across the digital ecosystem.

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Press Release - Flip-Pay drives impressive digital subscription revenue at

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