Flip-Pay is the developer and supplier of the worlds most advanced content monetization tools.

With the award winning Flip-Pay platform you can rapidly construct a video streaming service, migrate to a paid for content strategy with your newspaper and provide the full range of payment options to the consumer based on their ability to pay.

We provide price point options all along the consumer sales funnel - micro-payments, pay per view, rental, charge for access based on time, use of ad-blockers, subscription services along with point of origin tracking and more.

The company was founded in Dublin, Ireland 2015 to understand the issues facing digital publishers and media in a Facebook and Google dominated ecosystem now and in the future. With an original focus on micro-payments and indentity management, we engaged with high profile digital publishers to shape the next generation of tools to overcome losses in advertising revenue and declining print revenue.

This gave the company a unique perspective and opportunity to develop a new breed of revenue generation tools far beyond legacy paywall technologies. Flip-Pay empowers the publisher of news/streaming services to maximise revenue and provide a frictionless experience to the consumer.

Flip-Pay is a technology driven company, allowing us to innovate rapidly and deliver industry defining products. Our tools are mature, fully featured, hardened, scalable, in production and built in conjunction with Google and Google Cloud, with whom we are technology partners.

Flip-Pay provides the power to maximize revenues across multiple verticals and markets, reducing your deployment risk and accelerating delivery.

Chairman : Brian O'Sullivan

A director of International Investment and Underwriting (IIU) since 1996

Managing Director : Paul McCarthy-Brain

Background in InfoSec and has launched companies in high frequency trading, online gaming, payments & compliance SAAS systems

CFO : Fergal Barry

Group CFO within Intuition

Chief Software Architect : Martin Horecky

Background in high frequency trading, banking, online gaming and payments

Chief Infrastructure Officer : Eoin Gollogley

Cloud scale engineering & infoSec, specializing in high-availability, massive volume and secure production systems

International Advisory : Stephen McKenna

Previously with Sun Microsystems, BBC worldwide, Hewlett Packard

Investment : Dermot Desmond

Flip-Pay / International Micro Payment Ventures Ltd is wholly owned by international financier Dermot Desmond

Flip-Pay has development teams in Dublin (Ireland), Bratislava (Slovakia) and offices in Dublin, London, New York and Sydney.

Google Technical Partner

Flip-Pay is a trademark of International Micro Payment Ventures Ltd. Company number 612805, Registered in Ireland.