Mission Statement

Always innovate, deliver industry defining tools and revenue for the digital publishing industry

The Flip-Pay team were delighted to win the award for best subscription platform. We are an engineering focused company with innovation baked into our DNA, so it meant everything to us to receive international recognition as best in class paywall technology, especially as we were up against our peers.

SpotX, Klaviyo and Flip-Pay are Digiday Technology Awards winners
About Us

Strength through agile technology

Since 2015, Flip-Pay has been developing award winning and innovative technology for digital publishing clients around the world.

Our tools are mature, fully featured, hardened, scalable, in production and built in conjunction with Google and Google Cloud, with whom we are technology partners. Flip-Pay provides the power to maximize revenues across multiple verticals and markets, reducing your deployment risk and accelerating delivery.

Our platform contains all the elements required to deliver a content monetisation solution rapidly and from a single supplier, simplifying support, lowering cost, and the delivery of new and exciting initiatives. Flip-Pay becomes your technical partner and our agility means you can realize your vision ahead of the competition.

Flip Pay delivers open systems, not restrictive black box data. We can stream live data into your existing business intelligence tools across the entire platform. Meaning you see actionable data from the user funnel, subscription management and even the customer service operators interactions with customers. Our system integrates with all third parties and can combine with your existing analytics systems or deliver a custom dashboard through our publisher portal.

With our platform at your fingertips, there is nothing you cannot do. News subscriptions, video streaming, premium podcasts, Patreon / Guardian style contribution systems with access to exclusive content, shopping carts, ad-block detection, personalized user journeys, print home delivery, metering and so much more.

Google Technical Partner