Data powered anti-churn and customer service tools

Engage the customer

Flip-Pay delivers a suite of tools to empower your publication to reduce potential churn.

We have a machine learning based churn propensity modeling system that analyzes customer behavior and tracks patterns that ultimately lead to subscription cancellation. At risk customers are tagged and an action can be applied. The action is specific to the publication but would typically re-engage the customer with on screen notifications, newsletter emails, discounts or other mechanisms.

As Flip-Pay is an open-data solution, you will have access to this data and we will happily look to tune our models to your market / publication.

The customer service help-desk is equipped with anti-churn tools to empower your agents to encourage the customer to remain a subscriber of your publication.

Customer Service agents can move the customer on to a cheaper package, move them to a promotional offer, issue refunds, apply multi-month discounts, add bundle options to their existing package, apply free trials, extend renewal date, open support tickets and more.

Our anti-churn technology exists across the entire platform.

If you would like to speak to one of our engineers about churn mitigation, please get in touch below.

  • Churn propensity modeling by title / segment
  • Activity monitoring
  • Customer service tools
  • Discounts
  • Upgrades / Downgrades
  • Move to cheaper package
  • Multi-month discounts
  • Full / partial refunds
  • Move to hiddle bundle offer
  • Issue refunds
  • Update payment details (portal)
  • Self service payment detail update
  • Statement identifiers
  • App store linked to account