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Some publications will benefit from offering a contibution model instead of direct subscriptions. For example, The Guardian, makes it clear that fantastic journalism costs money to develop but they will keep the content free for all, while asking for a one time or recurring payment.

Other publications have gone down the Patreon route, offering value add content, like video or podcasts. However, this is ineffective as it removes the user from the publications' eco-system and moves the customer's attention, their data and a large proportion of revenue over to Patreon.

Flip-Pay can deliver a dynamic solution for publishers that allows them to operate a contribution model while providing exclusive member benefits from within their publication.

With Flip-Pay you can operate a hard/soft/metered paywall in domestic markets, while also operating a contribution model abroad. There are no restrictions on what is possible when you partner with us to be your technical partner

We have a wealth of tools, specifically in rich media, to provide contributors with access to exclusive member benefits of podcasts, video and written content. We provide all the streaming facilities and conditional access to deliver and protect your intellectual property.

Talk to us about your user journey and payment requirements, we have a solution for all business types.