Open data analytics platform

Understanding your business and the customer

Flip-Pay has comprehensive data tools, from dashboards giving you at-a-glance updates on how your business is performing, down to metrics all along the sales funnnel.

Our data is open, which means your business has access to everything. No black box systems, you get full un-fettered access to the data on your customers. We have live, secure, well documented APIs for real time and batched data exports, along with access to our Google Big Query database.

Track segmented audience performance, A-B testing results, get real-time sales data, monitor campaigns, track device usage, and identify users sharing accounts. Flip-Pay analytics are comprehensive and modular. If your business requires custom tracking / reporting we can make the data available to you in the portal or via an API query.

Unlike other solutions, Flip-Pay gives you visibility across the entire platform, so, from a central console, you can track consumer behavior, subscription management, payment processing, customer service helpdesk interactions, print home delivery, finance data, app store activities - this reduces costs, reduces training and eases support.

We also have machine learning models that use anonymized data to track and predict churn propensity, this data can be used to invoke an action to re-engage the consumer and prevent churn.

We are a data-first company and understand the importance and value of this data for our customers.

  • Live API access
  • Big Query access
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Data Studio integration
  • Exportable reports
  • Behavioral tracking
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Segmentation connectors
  • Propensity modeling - Integrate third party customer tracking data to trigger paywall events

Flip-Pay gives you the flexibility and power to track consumer behaviour, whilst also giving your C Level teams access to valuable reports and data. Arrange to talk to one of our analytics engineers below.