Intelligent real time data


Actionable data

Making informed decisions based upon focused data

Flip-Pay provides a unified vision of your business across all channels and verticals.

The Flip-Pay platform supports point of origin tracking. We measure the success of a campaign on the site and quickly understand where we see adoption and where we see drop off, making it ideal for tuning the platform to reduce bounce.


The publisher portal is a real-time dashboard to give your organisation a global view of your estate. We also provide a comprehensive API service that integrates directly with your existing business intelligence systems.

Flip-Pay is data driven and provides your business with the intelligence to maximise revenue.

There are many pre-built reports available for finance, marketing, testing, customer service and general activity tracking. Customer reports can be created on demand or by making calls to our well documented APIs.

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Flip-Pay is a trademark of International Micro Payment Ventures Ltd. Company number 612805, Registered in Ireland.