End-to-end thinking

Our open platform gives your online subscription business control and actionable data across the entire estate
Architecture Diagram
With Flip Pay, there is no need to source separate personalisation and subscription management engines. No requirement to engage with third party customer service solutions. Our platform gives you the flexibility to customise the platform, per title and per geographic location, all from a single vendor. Reduce costs, simplified support, faster results.
Segmentation and personalisation

Onboard the customer

Personalisation is how media companies leverage acquired user data to better target the user experience. With our graphical / no-code rules, you can construct and test any type of user journey with ease. With our segmentation engine, you can inject third party propensity data to drive higher customer acquisitions.

  • Segmentation and point of origin rules
  • Propensity modeling
  • Identity management with social login
  • No third party cookies required
Subscription management

Payments and access

The subscription management engine integrates with multiple payment providers. Delivering next level anti-churn features for payment continuity, along with direct integration with the product builder. Accept any kind of payment flow and run different payment systems in different geographic regions.

  • Recurring payments and cart functionality
  • Card updating, retry payment, grace periods
  • Corporate management and direct payments
  • Integration with multiple payment processors
Account management

Service the customer

A tightly integrated customer service solution is the essential component in managing active clients. Send automated personalized and custom transactional emails, process phones sales, track support calls with our ticketing based help desk and that can directly manage user subscriptions.

  • Comprehensive anti-churn tools
  • Home delivery management
  • Ticketing system
  • Telesales
Access and data

Analytics and control

Flip-Pay is an open system. You have full access to all raw and formatted data, along with a comprehensive customisable dashboard with detailled reports. Our well documented API services allow you to integrate any third party or system into the platform. Control app users, app stores, B.I. Tools and more.

  • e-papers and cloud streaming
  • Apps and app stores
  • Real time data
  • Open API