Identity and conditional access

Joined up customer onboarding

Flip-Pay has a complete identity management solution ready to go that supports social, email and anonymous user flows. It can be deployed as a stand-alone sign-in/registration solution, or as a bridge to one or many identity systems.

Our identity management system (IDMS) is based on OpenID and supports all major social connectors ( Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Microsoft etc ) and is capable of replacing your existing log-in solution, or working along side multiple identity solutions to provide a unified identity across multiple websites. We also support Gigya/SAP, Firebase, Wordpress, WooCommerce, OpenID based solutions and proprietary identity systems.

The Flip-Pay IDMS is lightning fast and super reliable, utilizing our distributed in-memory edge cache. Combined with your customers' conditional access information, there is no latency in providing services.

Identities are registered with your brand, Flip-Pay remains invisible to the end user at all times.

All our identity services comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

If you would like to speak to an identity management specialist, please get in touch below.