Intelligent subscriber and billing platform

Rock solid subscriptions

Flip-Pay delivers its own fully featured subscription management platform, which directly integrates with our identity management, personalization and onboarding tools, along with account management from the integrated customer support helpdesk system.

Our subscription management engine can connect to any third party payment processor, as well as giving you the ability to support custom payment options, outside of your domestic markets. Choose Stripe / Braintree for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit / Debit cards in the US / EU, with a mix of mobile carrier billing and card payments in emerging markets - Flip-Pay gives you ultimate flexibility to build global products.

Advanced anti-churn technology is available to automatically remedy customer payment issues, with personaized communication, self service card updating, auto-card updating, multi attempt - auto payment retry, grace periods and more.

Our subscriptions management engine cas be used for content monetization solutions or SAAS billing and with our product builder, no-code graphical wizard, you can create any form of subscription model and have different models for varying geograpohic regions.

The Flip-Pay system talks naturally to Apple and Google app store in-app purchases, allowing for a unified user experience across web and app ecosystems. Our finance and billing reporting systems allow you to report on sales across your estate, not just from web purchases.

There is no need to engage with a third party subscription management platform like Zuora or MPP Global, which complicates support and narrows innovation. Flip-Pay delivers the entire soltion, ready to deploy in weeks not months, lowering costs and simplifying support.

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Annual recurring subscriptions
  • Free trials
  • Registration walls
  • Contracts
  • Pay per view
  • Promotional codes
  • Multi-month discounts
  • Full / partial refunds
  • Multiple payment processors
  • Google / Apple Pay
  • Mobile carrier billing
  • Digital wallets
  • Advanced reporting
  • App store integration
  • Helpdesk integration
  • Transactional emails
  • Multi currency
  • Family / Group subscriptions
  • API access to all data