Modern, cookie-free paywall solution

Span multiple verticals, web, app, e-paper, streaming, OTA, digital assistants with targeted offers for each segment.
Architecture Diagram
User journey creation, requires no coding and is created with our graphical wizard in the publisher portal.
Segmentation and personalisation

Onboard the customer

Personalization is how media companies leverage acquired user data to better target the user experience. There is no one size fits all subscription model, which is why, with Flip-Pay, you can test and automate new user journeys to capture different segments of the market. With our graphical / no-code rules, you can construct and test any type of user journey with ease. With our segmentation engine, you can inject third party propensity data to drive higher customer acquisitions.

Our paywall technology is fast to test and deploy on your existing site or sites, in fact, your Flip-Pay platform can manage multiple sites simultaneously.

You can quickly construct different user journeys, not just on behavioural data, but also on geographic and segmentmented audiences.

Flip-Pay is unique in that you can offer different ways to pay from within the user flow, credit / debit cards in Europe and the US, with an option for mobile carrier billing in the Middle and Far East.

Talk to us about your user journey and payment requirements, we have a solution for you.

  • Soft Paywalls
  • Hard Paywalls
  • Metered Access
  • Contracts - fixed terms
  • Control mobile app prices
  • No third party cookies required
  • Google Newsstand - Subscribe with Google
  • Contribution models - Patreon / Guardian style or voluntary
  • Propensity modeling - Integrate third party customer tracking data to trigger paywall events

Our no-code rules engine make it simple to create user flows for specific content backed up with A-B testing and actionable data, so you can optimise your product journeys.

Whatever your pricing or customer journey variations, Flip-Pay can provide a rapid route to market and engineering experience unrivalled in the market.