Verify, Order, Deliver

Sales and logistics

Flip-Pay has a complete print home delivery system for news and magazines.

We can create print bundles, which include digital products, e-papers and the printed product.

Any type of bundle can be created, single purchases, subscriptions, weekend only, specific days, periodicals.

The system links up with a local address validation service that will auto-complete partial addresses or convert from post codes / zip codes.

The print home delivery service can also connect to one or many logistics endpoints and route optimization services

All reports, billing and logistics data is provided by Flip-Pay

Print delivery orders can also be paid for by our integrated direct debit solution for standing orders, BACS, SEPA

Subscriptions can be set up so payment is not taken until the day of first delivery, whilst giving immediate access to digital content

If you would like to talk to one of our implementation engineers about print home delivery systems, please click the link below.